Sunday, October 9, 2011

Trusst Store Editorial

...............Seattle Style's Trusst Store picks ...............

Ute Pioier
leadmaster pant
neo short
set shirt

visbol de arce
black draped shorts
black pants with suspenders
black pants with suspenders

Hartmann Nordenholz
t-shirt dress
drape dress

Jeremy Laing
pointellized suede pants

Jordan Askill
rose head necklace

Pleasure Principle
black cropped drape vest
black cropped drape vest
asymetrical tank dress
long sleeved side cape

By Thomas
silk shirt
sheer shoulder blazer

Tillmann Lauterbach
grey shorts
grey jacquard shirt jacket 1
college jacket

sleeveless t-shirt 1


trusst store just blew me away when i found it the other day, how could i have not heard about it before? they deserve serious credit and have an amazing eye for design.  definitely check out their store online for more pieces and designers

photo cred: trusststore

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