Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hello Readers

So, the quarter is wrapping up and I have finals for the next few days. This means that I unfortunately do not have the time to update until Wednesday (when my finals are over!!)

In the mean time, one of my final projects includes going on a technology fast.. therefore I could not blog even if I wanted too! I will also be giving up my beloved blackberry, TV, radio, and anything else electronic for 24 hours :(

The good news is this is going to give me lots of time to think up some great posts for you readers! I also might sneak some time in to shop around at a few local thrift and vintage stores.

ps.  look for my RUNWAY favorites when I get back!!!

A Bientot!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cherry Blossoms

genetic denim jeans, colin stuart booties, random black sweater

photo cred: jessie

Monday, March 8, 2010


Need this. Nuff said.

Rick Owens jacket

Thinking in Pink

I am not normally a pink person.. neither is Seattle for that matter but the blooming cherry blossoms must have something to do with it.  If you are going to do pink - this is the way to do it! Be Bold.

alexander wang blazer, anna della russo, luly wang and custom made dress

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Love Seattle

WOW.. Today Seattle Styles hit the 500 visitor mark and over 1000 page views!

Just to recognize the amazing readers I have I would like to say a biigggggggg THANK YOU!

In case you are wondering who else is checking out Seattle Styles there have been visitors from:
Washington, Washington DC, California, Pennsylvannia, Maryland, Arizona, Texas, Hawaii, Louisiana, Vermont, Colorado, Canada, Spain, Romania, France, Guadeloupe, Poland, and the UK

What do you think so far??? Send me your comments. Show me your favorite stuff. What do you want to see?

 What about Seattle have you always wanted to know???

Just something to think about...

...there is LOTS more to come lovelies.

Guardian Angel

This is a special post dedicated to my Grandmother Priscilla who I love and adore more than she knows.



In French again..

Elliot rocking his headphones and ipod

Carley and Elle showing off their new snuggies!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Toughen Up

My my my... I am not as tough as these women are but I would like to be.  Maybe one of these headbands would help me through this paper I am writing, I'm sure blogging isn't... but it helps give an excuse for a well deserved study break :)

 most of the photo creds: emily eisen

Stay Green Seattle

I want to thank this man (who ever you are!!!) for helping to stylishly promote keeping our city GREEN!



I think this is one of the best modernized fur jackets I have seen, thanks to Stockholm Street Style photography.  There was a black, faux shearling collar jacket on Nasty Gal that had a similar cut but it disappeared recently.  Hopefully it just sold out and will be back soon. I would looove to get my hands on it!

By the way..., how much do you like the wash on these motorcycle jeans?!?!   For me, instead of the typical black or blue, this washed out gray ink perfectly defines the great textures and seaming these pants are known for.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Jak and Jil - esque

Food For Thought Seattelites

(another favorite photograph.. I have no idea where it came from, my guess is a flickr account, but it has been with my since my myspace days!)

"In soft, southern countries, snow is enough to close schools.  In Sweden - a place that lives by the maxim that...

"There is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes"

... fresh snow is a cue to send 18-month-olds into the playground, tottering around in snowsuits and bobble hats."

What do we think Seattelites??? Would we let RAIN stop us from enjoying our wonderful city?


Lets just say... I  can feel My Umbrella Collection growing.

IF, you prefer to stay inside during the many 'bouts of rain we get, I suggest pulling out a copy of The Economist (I borrowed my quote from the January 30th edition p. 64 that my fantastic father passed down to me!) and check out what is going on in the world!