Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pamela Love

this girl here, Pamela Love
brooklyn native
nyu grad
painter apprentice
jewelry designer

takes inspiration from: nature, tarot, magic, mexico, day of the dead, native american culture, africa, mysticism, irony, candles, dreamcatchers ... pretty much any thing awesome...

...and comes up with this...

a quaint look book show with stand out pieces

funky decorations

unkept hair

cool hats

native ponchos and long dresses

friends and rad vintage tees

thank god she has a website where u can see her other designs and limited edition collaborations (thats the best page to check out!)

pics:refinery29, fashiontoast, elle, vogue it

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

for your morning coffee..

read this.

fascinating article about Angela Ahrendts who is CEO for Burberry and her opinions on the company, fashion, new technologies, creative license, and marketing in a new age

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fashion Network Seattle Launch Event 2010

I am soooo excited to go to this event and support the Susan G. Komen Foundation

Finally a fashion event in Seattle that is not 21+

See the invite and more info here

robert geller


spring 2011

can i just have this entire collection refitted for girls...


i love this belt!

bmmr i forgot where i found it, thats what i get for procrastination

heres another thing i just think is cool...

well while i am cleaning up my desktop, mine as well show u guys these dream spaces too

Eugenia Kim turbans

these are awesome, remind me of something a retro ski bunny would wear

plus my hair looks like this daily if i braid it and take it out

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bevel on my Mind


Bevel by Jonathan Goldstein

this line has completely taken me by storm
i am excited to see jewelry that is so inspired and manifested in to pieces that have presence

the company is based on the the following philosophy --

BEVEL means to meet at an angle other than a right angel, or the slant thus formed.  the philosopher, Joseph Campbell wrote that there are only two myths - the hero's quest, and the hero's journey home.  He thought the quest was about how each of us makes his/her way in the world, and the journey home was how we reconcile that with our personal values, the person we want to be at home.  What we want to accomplish vs. who we want to be.  So that's another bevel - where those two meet.  Relevant themes are, the eternally new methods that people have to find their own way, learn to discern evil, and use courage, and creative ingenuity to overcome evil, even when there are those who would hinder them are stronger and have more resources.  Each generation has to come at it a new way - at a different angle- and its how the individual today chooses to confront these eternal issues that defines each person. Our generation particularly has to struggle against the effects of greet and the mass production, and pollution it creates.  The value of a singular vision, creating hand-crafted pieces from sterling silver, particularly resonates. This jewelry, this story, this is my BEVEL.


Jonathan Goldstein - "dark things breed bright ideas"

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

CTRL SS10 Lookbook

these guys sent me over there look book a while ago and i just got it up

these are just a few of my favorite looks but to see more 
check it out here