Monday, April 26, 2010

its genetic.. the jeans that is.

a few photos i took a while back with my girl Jessie, i love the industrial feel of the space we found.

more style shots coming soon!!!

if you get a chance today..

.. sneak away from your work for a few minutes to check out Fremont's spring/summer collection 09.

I am really liking the first look and the black trousers, these are anyones perfect carefree summer essentials!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

lovely lou and a lovely note for you

Hello lovelies,

This is a special post for all you readers.. having you makes this blog even better.  I love all your comments, thoughts,  and questions so THANK YOU.  If I could, I would send you all pretty jewel encrusted treasure chests filled with Chanel pearls and chains... awhhhh yeah! 


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Lou Doillon and Lizzie Jagger in H&M's Fashion Against AIDS Festival Collection

currently listening: Sky Ferreira - Take It Slow

lip stick lust

favorite new beauty product absolutely is Mac red lip stick in Lady Bug



running late?

this is a perfect fall back outfit for any time of day. i love the how the black pants seamlessly follow the line of the black boots enlongating her legs. the military jacket is a staple, and the khaki color is a great twist on the run way hair. minimal makeup is needed and hair is just quickly thrown into a top not. last, a strong red lip finishes the look to perfection.

flower power

new post coming soon. my first DIY of the summer :)

I made a cute daisy flower crown the other day and wore it out that night.  Huge success and lots of compliments.  If you have questions on how to make it before I get the post up just leave a comment or email me at

grunge lux

feeling fearless. saw a great snake ring at a hole in the wall type of store the other day.. if by chance it is still there next time i walk in, which is quite frequently, i will definitely get it.

current influence



anna with lovely leopard friends

anna <3

photocredit: all the pretty birds 

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

veronica b. vallenes lookbook

vallenes is a norwegian designer based out of copenhagen who describes her designs as - edgy, cool, feminine, and elegant.
photograph : Thomas Skou
Styling : AnneStine Bae
Makeup/hair : Evelina Mühling


so adorable and unique.  it has a bottom post and then cuff around the top part.

find it here

the sat

i just adore these boys and their umbrellas.  the satorialist took these pics over seas. it would be so fun to 
photograph in asia where styles have evolved so differently.

even garance

is loving the braid right now. its a cute illustration from

the wang braid


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