Saturday, July 10, 2010

Get on Cherrytree Road

So, my man Jared Laoumtzis caught on to my obsession with chain accoutrements  and sent over some pics of his RAD pieces.  They are insanely sick and made with lots of TLC! The best part is they are one-off or limited edition.


Right now the australian label has a menswear/unisex rep but i would wear any of his designs.

check out an interview with the designer Jared here!

My fav pieces are his metal ties and bowties - I seriously need one!

so many possibilities with these siiiiiiiick designs

he even showed me a sneak peak of some new materials...

see more designs here and join his Cherrytree Road facebook page

oh yeah... and he has cute models ;)

Love 'em Jared, and keep the sneak peaks coming!!

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